It began with a question.....
Where do you go when your heart hurts?

We didn't have an answer. In fact, instead of an answer, we ran into tons of questions: How long after should you be over it? Should you cry each time you think of your ex? How do you know when you are ready to start dating again?

After chatting with other women we quickly realized just how hard it can be to break free from something as common as heartbreak. 

And so, Heartbreak Clinic was born

We are the one-and-only self-love and empowerment resource for women who want to overcome a breakup and have an abundant joy for living. We recognize that toxicity of a relationship, a bad break-up and low self-esteem can stand in the way of reaching your full potential.
Our aim is to help you let go, improve your confidence and discover a new way of connecting with others.

We create courses, challenges, articles and tools for women who have lost their way and need to regain their sense of confidence, direction and value.

We understand that women are carer givers and sacrifice much for the love and well-being of others. Unfortunately, giving without receiving and rejection can cause us to lose a sense of who we are. The devastation of a breakup can leave us shattered and unable to move forward.

We provides the structure and support needed to take your power back.

Do not allow bad relationships to place obstacles in your path to success.

Our Mission

"To Heal the Heart and Mind so you can be Strong Again" 

La'Toya A. Hart, Founder